A Split Second - TransMIX 2001 remixes

>> Release : AS 5975 CD

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  CD Tracklisting   Time Listen Lyrics Info
1 Rigor Mortis Gothic 7.22    
2 Mambo Witch Club Mix 7.46    
3 Firewalker Fireblaster 6.14      
Close Combat
In Trance 5.34    
5 Muscle Machine Industry 5.41    
6 Colonial Discharge Rage 5.16    
7 Flesh Jungle 6.00    
8 Colosseum Crash Minimal 6.56      
9 Drinking Sand Groove 6.08      
- Firewalker video        


Remixes were realised by Chrismar Chayell and Nicolas Mansy, based on the original A Split Second tracks, brought 'free-style' up to date. The GOTHIC remix or Rigor Mortis will kill you !! Great new club mixes and powerful industrial beats are there - A SPLIT SECOND as they were during their best years !
The original Firewalker Video is included in MPG format to be displayed on your PC or Mac. Enjoy !

Credits & Artwork

All tracks written and composed by Marc Ickx and Chrismar Chayell 86-91
Arrangements and Remixes by Nicolas Mansy and Chrismar Chayell 99-01 at Micrart Studio 7, Gent, Belgium
Video directed by Toon Loenders, Kladaradatch
Published by BE's Songs and the Micrart Group 87-91
Produced by Chrismar Chayell, 99-01

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Cover Design and graphics by Geert Coppens, Twilight Ritual


Written, composed and produced by Marc Ickx and Chrismar Chayell.
Published by BE's Songs and The Micrart Group
Catalog Number : Antler Subway Records AS 5975 CD

Available through Antler Records and normal distribution channels. Check www.proxis.be for on-line order.

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