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>> Release : MCD 0310

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1 Girl From Cairo
2 Gipsy 4'58      
3 Odd Fruit 4'47      
4 Never 3'44      
5 When You're Here        


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Having worked together in the early A Split-Second days, Wim Vermeulen & Peter Bonne got together again for a completely new challenge. Based on Wim's research, Grape got founded. A small project boosted the recording of 'Never', but lack of time limited the further deployment of this project. Finally, these recordings are worth being released and thanks to iTunes they are now out there.

Credits & Artwork

All tracks written by Wim Vermeulen, arranged by Peter Bonne.
'Never' written by Wim Vermeulen, Peter Bonne, Delphine Remy and Dirk Vandernmeersschaut.
Vocals on 'Never' by Delphine Remy.
Vocals on 'When You're Here' by Sabine Vermeulen.
Recorded and mixed at Micrart Studio 7.
Recorded, mixed and produced by Peter Bonne.
'Never' produced by Dirk Blanchart. Recorded at AB Studio Brussels.
Mastered by Peter Bonne at Micrart Studio 7.
Performed by Grape.

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Original photography & processing by Peter Bonne. Lettering by Miet Vandersteen.


All tracks are protected by international copyright. Unauthorised reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited.
Author/Composers : see above.
Publisher : Micrart Group vzw.

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