Das Cabinett- Virusmaker 1.1

>> Release : MCD 0312

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    Time Listen Lyrics Info
1 She's an Electric
2 Road to a Void 5'23      
3 Eye of the Hawk      
4 Sunday Drifters 2'20    
5 Room 8122        
6 Skin Glow      
7 Melting in the Arms of Kali 6'17      
8 Rape Window 5'09    
9 The Light Within 3'39      
10 Dark Encounter 1        
11 La Nuit des Automates      
12 Possibilities of Gaz 5'03      


On "Virusmaker 1.1" some tracks have been provided with vocals. Wesley De Jong is doing a great job on "Sunday drifters". A great deal of the music has an eighties feel to it, while some say it is crossover.

Credits & Artwork

All tracks written by Geert Coppens.
Recorded and mixed at Micrart Cabinett Studio.
Recorded, mixed and produced by Geert Coppens.
Mastered by Peter Bonne at Micrart Studio 7.
Performed by Das cabinett.

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Original artwork and concept created and designed by Twilight Ritual.


All tracks are protected by international copyright. Unauthorised reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited.
Author/Composers : Geert Coppens
Publisher : Micrart Group vzw.

Available through Audiolife and iTunes.

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