Gerardus Le Monk & Amber G. Daines - Lord of the Red Desert

>> Release : MCD 0509

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    Time Listen Lyrics Info
1 I Am from a distance 5'24    
2 The gods in the sun bark 3'09    
3 Anchesamun 2'03      
4 Green stone Scarab 3'25    
5 Setech 4'21      
6 Disappeared 3'50      
7 Mouthfull of nails 3'53    
8 Le cafe 5'10      
9 How much more world can you handle ? 4'31      
10 Red Dress / Redress 3'52      
11 Red Desert 5'33    
12 Voyeur 4'03      
13 Nicotin 5'07    
14 Girl drowning 4'11      


On this album (the second one with vocal performances by the American lyricist Amber G. Daines) the dark atmosphere of “Shadow Monastery” remains a dominant component but the tracks have been made more accessible by a frequent use of drums, percussion and vocals. “Lord of the red desert” refers to the ancient mythological god Setech or Seth and most of the tracks continue where the story about the Egyptian gods ended: the murderer of Osiris (Setech) returns from exile and sends out the minor, female goddess Bast to explore possibilities for his regaining power. But Setech doesn’t realise that at the time of his punishment, he was ritually expelled from time, so together with Bast (or Bastet) he ends up in the wrong century. All the trickier: Bast seems willing to obey Setech, but she has plans of her own. To her, the art of playing is more important then whatever goal or result Setech has in mind.

The idea of making ancient Egyptian gods come to live again is partially derived from Enki Bilals “La foire aux immortels”. But the main idea behind Le Monks story is his concept of cripple, malfunctioning gods that deviates from the traditional image in world religions.

Le Monk stresses he prefers calling his main character “Setech” instead of “Seth” to avoid any confusion with other beliefs.

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Credits & Artwork

All tracks written by G. Le Monk 2005.
Recorded and mixed at Micrart Cabinett Studio.
Recorded, mixed and produced by G. Le Monk.
Mastered by Peter Bonne at Micrart Studio 7.
Performed by G. Le Monk and Amber G. Daines.

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Original artwork and concept created and designed by G. Le Monk.


All tracks are protected by international copyright. Unauthorised reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited.
Author/Composers : Geert Coppens
Publisher : Micrart Group vzw.

Available through Audiolife and iTunes.

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