Autumn - I Invite

>> Release : MCD 8011

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  First You Hear Time Listen Lyrics Info
1 Behind You * 4'58      
2 HB Invitation 5'01      
3 Inexistential Ocean Voyage (sitting on trainbanks) 7'48      
4 Striking Terror (*) 2'48      
5 A Message To The End 10'00      
  Afterwards, I Invite        
6 Valium Babies 7'25    
7 Dropping Gutter (the end of an ice age) 10'53      
8 Rasha 5'05      
9 My Liquid Eyes 3'55    
10 Pictures Theme (*) 2'43    

The CD version contains the same tracklisting as the original tape release.


This release contains music created for a short movie (*) by Jan Verheyen as well as experimental tracks, focussing more towards minimal music, and preparing for the big live show 'Hard Breakfast'. I Invite invites the listener to grow with Autumn from Seven days Autumn towards Hard Breakfast. It is mainly recorded by using microphones on a stereo recording device, recording the ambient sound of the room (Attne B) which defines the specific ambience of this tape. HB Invitation lyrics are included on the HB-tape.

Credits & Artwork

Electronic keys, guitar, vocoder and vocals by Ense. All music composed, arranged, performed by Ense except 'Inexistantial Ocean Voyage' and 'Striking Terror' by Sen and Ense - vocals and acoustic noises by Sen - lyrics by Sen. Drawings by Sen, casette layout design by Ense.

All tracks recorded at studio Attne B, except 'Behind You' and 'Pictures Theme' at studio Synthavoice, Antwerp.

Original release artwork is a continuation of 'Seven Days Autumn' by Sen.
New artwork for CD release by Twilight Ritual.

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All tracks are protected by international copyright. Unauthorised reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited.
Author/Composers : Peter Bonne (Ense) and Geert Coppens (Sen)
Publisher by permission : Micrart Group vzw.

This production is originally released in 1980.
Available through Audiolife and iTunes.

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