Autumn - Not Afraid To Die

>> Release : MCD 8204

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    Time Listen Lyrics Info
1 Not Afraid To Die 2'49    
2 Synthesize 6'46    
3 I Say You Hello 5'31      
4 A Night In June 4'37    
5 Lonely Day 9'59      
6 The Third Autumn 4'35      
7 Synthesize (single version) 3'26      
8 You Can Not Have It All 6'12    
9 Laugther of a Madman 3'52      
10 Aparell I Ma 4'04      
11 Eyes At Night 4'31      
12 Viginaigre 4'09      
13 Close Rays of Light Attack 4'37      

This CD is a combination of the original tape releases MC 8204, MC 8109 and the vynil single MS 0705.


After Hard Breakfast, Autumn starts experimenting with more song-like compositions. The band was able of buying some very new equiment, of which one of the first legendary Roland TR 808 ever made. They started building a little home studio and were now fully equippend for live performance without having to rent anything. They started writing more up-tempo tracks : "You Can Not Have It All" became a great live success. "Aparell I Ma" is named after a paiting by Salvador Dali.

In the same period, Autumn released a first single, for which Synthesize was composed. The B-side became a club-hit in 1982.

As time went on, tracks are even more upbeat. It shows how Autumn evolves from an experimental band to a more pop-oriented experiment. However, in these poppy songs, they continue to do the odd thing and refuse to become conventional.

"Synthesize" and "Night In June" were great singles, while "Lonely Day" was chosen by a team of video-artists to be used for an experimental videoclip. Very nice tracks indeed.

Credits & Artwork

All tracks were written and performed by Geert Coppens, Peter Bonne and Peter Koutstaal, who joined the band since Hard Breakfast.

The original tape artwork used a scrambled image of Dali's "Aparell I Ma".
New artwork for CD release by Twilight Ritual.

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All tracks are protected by international copyright. Unauthorised reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited.
Author/Composers : Peter Bonne and Geert Coppens
Publisher by permission : Micrart Group vzw.

This production is originally released in 1981-1982.
Available through Audiolife and iTunes.

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