Twilight Ritual - The Ritual

>> Release : MCD 8210

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  Side A Time Listen Lyrics Info
1 Splintered Images of Oz 1'50      
2 Surrounded 5'11    
3 Webb-Men 3'40    
4 They Are We 3'56      
5 Ever Changes 4'40      
6 Fading Me 6'04    
  Side B        
7 A Chrome Entrance 0'32      
8 Elegy 4'13    
9 Up To Now 13'49      
10 Filders Of Density 6'59      

The CD version contains the same tracklisting as the original tape release.


This is the first release of Twilight Ritual, operating under this name. It has become clear since the early days of Autumn that these guys were up to something special. As Autumn as a formula evolved around the basic idea of traditional electronic (cosmic) music with a contemporary flavor, the band members evolved as well. In one direction, displayed in releases as Aparell I Ma and Not Afraid to Die, it grew towards the Linear Movement concept : straight forward, accessible, upbeat. In the other direction, a more artisitically based melting pot of ideas resulted in the concept of Twilight Ritual, of which Kraut and Experiments With Environments were notable preludes.

The Ritual contains several very strong tracks that were used in compilation projects, such as Surrounded and Elegy, the latter of which has been used for an experimental Videoclip.

Credits & Artwork

TWR-concept by Geert Coppens All music composed by TWR.
TWR are : Geert Coppens : lead vocals and lyrics, and Peter Bonne : all electronic instruments.
Performance by Twilight Ritual.
Playbacks on A2, A4, A5, A6, B2, B3 are recorded at studio C, Pellenberg, engineered by Pol Poelmans.
Produced by Peter Bonne and TWR. Final mixes at Studio Attne C.
Voices and effect mastering by TWR.
Design by Geert Coppens.
- only electronic equipment used -

Original artwork by Geert Coppens.
New artwork for CD release by Twilight Ritual.

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All tracks are protected by international copyright. Unauthorised reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited.
Author/Composers : Peter Bonne and Geert Coppens
Publisher by permission : Micrart Group vzw.

This production is originally released in 1982.
Available through Audiolife and iTunes.

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