Micrart Group Links

TWILIGHT RITUAL related links

Genetic Records Released Twilight Ritual's RITUALS
Released a 3 vynil LP box "Reminiscent" non-profit compilation with 2 Twilight Ritual tracks (and 4 more Micrart Group bands tracks)
Minimal Wave New York bases minimal music label
East Village Radio New York East Village internet radio station. Broadcasts Minimal Electro on sunday evening.
Cybernetic Broadcatsing System Probably the most interesting electro internet radio system.
Electronic Corporation Electro site
Stanford Music Database
Joba Records Music Database

A SPLIT SECOND related links

asplitsecond.com the official unofficial site of A Split Second today, maintained by Kevin A. Contains an album overview (also the non-Antler/Micrart releases), nice photo gallery, guest book and email options. Cool ! - site is offline.
Antler records the 'home' record company for A Split Second
Pias-Antler newsgroup join the newsgroup on pias and antler releases, mainly focussed on the industrial bands.
Top Recording Studio The studio where A Split Second made most of its recordings - site is offline.
Perfecto Records Company releasing Paul Oakenfold's remix of Flesh, 2002
Paul Oakenfold Remixed Flesh in 2002
Belgian Dark Alternative Music Database
Huge Database of EBM - straight link
Side Line Ezine EBM Ezine
Proxis On Line Shop, sells A Split Second releases.
Electronic Obsession EBM Collection
Minimal Electronic EBM reference
Musica Caverna Huge portal site, among which a Belgian Universe - complete Antler catalogue
Stephane Werquin Does great work keeping up to date
Belgian Bands Portal site
Dark Entries Interesting Industrial and gothic site and mag

OTHER PROJECTS related links

Autumn reference We're surprised there's so much known about Autumn.
Art Meets Management First project by Grape