Fraude about TWILIGHT RITUAL's original RITUALS vinyl album

We have received various emails informing about fake copies of the original 1985 vinyl release of RITUALS.

Situation : RITUALS is being offered on internet sales sites such as It is presented as the original 1985 vinyl release by Auxilio De Cientos, Granada, Spain. Buyers have informed us that the copy they received is not the original, but a fake copy. It seems that someone has pressed new copies, but with a lot less quality.

Our concern: This offer is not in compliance with the band or Micrart Group, is unauthorized and therefore a crime. Further on, the product does not meet normal quality standards that buyers may expect. All copies of RITUALS have been sold out only months after original release and regular appearances on and other sites is suspective.

We call on all fans, supporters and interested buyers to inform us about offererings on Thanks!