Gerardus Le Monk

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Who is Gerardus Le Monk

"Gerardus Le Monk" is Twilight Ritual band member Geert C's new cover for his solo work, started up in February 2003 as "Das Cabinett" which discography consists of the full CD's "POW!", "Protect me from freezing" and "Virusmaker 1.1".
As Geert shared the Das Cabinett project with vocalist Wesley De Jonghe (plans were made for live performances) he decided to change names after Wesley had left.

The Project

Releases by G. Le Monk are not that different from the sound atmosphere present in Das Cabinett. Except from the less frequently used vocal parts, the usic still sounds very post modern by it's frequent referring to eighties pop, nineties ambient and seventies megalomania. But this ecclectic style (cross-over) is not a goal "an sich" for most tracks are like figures in a manual, illustrations in some encyclopedia, giving clues and hits about to visualize meaning. People listening to the music often use the label "Dark Ambient". It's OK as fas as this is meant to generally introduce a kind of musical genre, but is should be wrong to reduce the Monk sound structures to just music for films. One may look at the tracks as different chapters from a novel that consists only of sound, for the lack of words is meant to be filled in by the listener.

Releases by Gerardus Le Monk

MCD 0403 - Ghosts Even Here
MCD 0406 - Give Us A Fag
MCD 0407 - Some Submerciful Delay
MCD 0409 - Dark Side of the Monk
MCD 0506 - Papabilia
MCD 0611 - Lovelike Ghosts
MCD 0801 - Midlight Hunting
MCD 0904 - Watching the Undead Howl

Releases by Gerardus Le Monk and Amber Daines

MCD 0508 - Shadow Monastery
MCD 0509 - Lord of the Red Desert

And getting ready for the next releases ...

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