Chrismar Chayell solo projects

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This web page describes in short a few of Chrismar Chayell's solo projects during the A Split Second era. A compilation of this work is available on the "It's Never Too Hot" Micrart CD.

Some solo 12"

Chrismar Chayell released a few 12" that he recorded rather as exercice / experiment / spare time, than meant to be released. These items show a totally different side of Chayell, of which we know he likes to do different things. These 12" were all released by Antler Records.

It's Never Too Hot (ANT-069) 1987

This 12" (inspired by A Split Second's track Drinking Sand) was recored together with Nina Preston, who sings on the A side. Both sides (called 'Tropic' and 'Beach')are very tropic versions and scored well in southern europe,

Rio (SUB 018) 1988

This 12" was a funny day off at the studio, again recored together with Nina Preston. It has no other intentions than having fun.

Poker (ANT 107) 1989

Chayell's smooth alternative dance track Nina helped again creating Chayell's shirt and photography.

Groovy (by 'Pick A Number') (Subway Dance 4003-12) 1989

Chayell's smooth alternative dance track Nina Preston took this track on tour with a performance. It was later used by a hollywood movie 'Side Out'.


New Busters (Subway Dance 4002) 1989

Together with friends of The Serious Five, Chrismar reworked an old jazzy track 'My Feet Can't fail me now'. He joined the project to arrange, produce and mix.

Five Oz Plain Flour (by 'GO!') (WHOS 19) 1989

Together with a long time friend who built up his success as 'Tragic Error', they made a one-off project which was released by Play It Again Sam.

Jade 4 U

Jade 4 U is a singer signed to Antler Records. In 1988, Chayell wrote and produced a track for her 'I have a Dream' which was later included on her album 'One'. More info on her carreer can be found via or


In 1999, Chayell teamed up with Erwin De Nul and Stefaan Deconinck to create some vibrating dance tracks. However, the project was shortlived. The result is only available on the Micrart Chayell sampler.

In 2001, Chayell joined a project with former A Split Second member Wim Vermeulen to startup a lounge music project entitled Grape. First result was a participation in the Art Meets Management project ( In 2002 several other tracks were prepared for release. More news to come.


Vomito Negro

Chayell met this band even before A Split Second signed up with Antler records. Vomite Negro, The Klinik and A Split Second used to perform together on several occasions. Later, both Klinik and Vomito Negro would sign to Antler as well. At this point, Chayell produced their mini-albums 'Dare' (1988) and 'Stay Alive' (1987), later to be compilerd on their CD 'Dare' released by KK Records (KK 013).

Vomito Negro is still alive and kicking and performing.

The Serious Five

This band were all friends of A Split Second. Both bands went on tour together on several occasions, The Serious Five being a great support act. Chayell produced 6 tracks on their first CD 'This Moving Reality' (1990).

Paul Landau

In 1991, Chrismar Chayell was approached by Paul Landau to produce some new tracks. The Single 'So Bright' resulted in demand for more material and 6 tracks were recoreded in the new Micrart Studio 6 (Midi Production Room).

Paul Landau is still performing these tracks.