Linear Movement

>> Releases : MCD 8304, MCD 8307 - MW 013

Linear Movement was a side-project of Peter Bonne between 1982 and 1984, next to his activities in Autumn and Twilight Ritual. Because of the difference in musical style, he decided this music should be part of a different project, whic he baptised 'Linear Movement'. Most of the tracks were solo-experiments, but in some of them, he was joined by Peter Koutstaal (who also performed in Autumn), and by Lieve Van Steerteghem, who took the vocal part in some tracks.

Linear Movement never made a tape release, but many tracks appeared on compilation projects troughout the world. The Micrart releases of Linear Movement are limited to a single C30-release MC 8208 'Pulse Music', which contained early material by Peter solo, and a major contribution to the Line Compilation MC 8340.

Peter wanted to experiment with more poppy compositions as where Twilight Ritual and Autumn were more experimental. This direction was already taken when Autumn shifted from pure cosmic electronic music based inspiration towards song based compositions (refer to MC 8204 Not Afraid To Die). However, this mixture of experiments needed guidance and a certain separation. The poppy songs now resided under Linear Movement. For Peter, it was a boiling pot and learning curve towards his later work with A Split Second.

Linear Movement also performed live several times.

Today, a compiled Linear Movement CD is available as MCD 8304 'Pulse Music'.

Minimal Wave releases Linear Movement on vinyl

New York based minimal electro label Minimal Wave releases "On The Screen" in 2009 as compilation of original and unreleased LMO material : see MCD 8307 'On The Screen'.
This release is also available as CD from the Micrat Audiolife shop. To complete the LMO track record, Micrart Group has compiled a third CD with previously unreleased LMO material :
see MCD 8306 Revival of the Fittest.