Other Bands and Projects

The Micrart Group major bands and projects have their own place on this site. Other bands and projects where the Micrart Group was more or less involved are listed here.


Summer 2001, Peter joined with Wim Vermeulen (former guitar played of A Split Second) to form a new project, Grape, lounge oriented. A single release of 5 great tracks is exclusively released on iTunes, july 2007.

See mcd 0310.

Chayell's solo projects

Chayell realised a few solo projects during the era of A Split Second. Read more here.


Henk Wallays produced a lot of music and tapes using this artist name. He is associated with the Micrart Group since 1983 when he and Peter Bonne cooperated on a compilation project.

You can find all about Unovidual here.

The Serious Five

Chrismar Chayell was involved in this popular band during most of its existance, since 1989 through 1996. In the early years, the Serious Five tended to perform many support acts to A Split Second, and Chrismar Chayell often helped them out mixing the show. Eventually, he also produced a number of their recordings.

There's more about them here.