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Making Organic

The availability of the Micrart recording studio ignited Twilight Ritual to restart working in 1991. The experiment soon resulted in some interesting tracks, and a new sound smoothly emerged. 'My Delay' is rightly a milestone in the Twilight Ritual history.

This specific track was written and composed, recorded arranged and mixed in a single day-long session. It showed that Twilight Ritual still had loads of inspiration, and could work very fast with exeptional result. During the years 92-94, this was the standard of working : ons session = one track. For some tracks Peter only completed the arrangement and mix later on. Each track had about the same style of working : Peter and Geert started of with some basic ideas, and built together on theme's, melodies, sounds, rhythms and variations. Then Peter got to work on the song structure while Geert developed the lyrics and replied on the evolution of the composition. By the end of the day, the song was virtually finished and both started recording the vocal tracks. All other tracks were computer driven. Finally, Peter finished of with the mix, sometimes the same day, sometimes later. 

Organic breathes the atmosphere of the Micrart Midi recording room : a smooth cocoon with all equipment within reach, soft and dark colors, built as replacement of ones living room. As a matter of fact, it was Peter's living room. The studio gave view through the kitchen to a small garden, while another room was used as storage area for amps, tapes and other stuff. The studio itself was a single place : control room and audio room in-one-piece.
By mid 1994, the band had enough tracks to assemble an album and, encouraged by many promising critics went for a record deal. Eventually, Subtronic records (Dortmund, Germany) released Organic in 1996, but only for the german market. Efforts to arrange distribution in other countries failed. Today, Subtronic doesn't exist anymore and rights returned to the Micrart Group.

The booklet that joins Organic is a real piece of art : it contains paitings by Geert and photography by Geert and by Peter. Design and layout is realised by Twilight Ritual, but we must thank Simon Cassier for help on the work he did for this booklet's first edition.

The MultiMedia Organic Event

The event took place may 24th 1997 in Gent, Belgium. Twilight Ritual presented the new cd ORGANIC by means of paintings, drawings and other graphic art. Special music was composed for the occasion.
The event also included a slideshow. This slideshow already contains imagery which is used in the RITUALS CD booklet.