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Mistery Origins

Twilight Ritual was born in Geert's mind during the first Autumn years. It was building integrity, clearer identity, admittance of mistery and surreal impressions. During Autumn recording sessions, musical style and experiment varied strongly, which is recognised in the various tape releases. However, some tracks had clearly more 'spirit' or 'personality' than others. It became clear that a new project was born out of Autumn work : Twilight Ritual.

The Ritual

The Twilight Ritual tracks had more rhythm, more vocals, more song-alike structure than Autumn-style tracks. However, the still remained room for experimental music. But Twilight Ritual understood how to combine experiment with 'main stream' songwriting. This basical concept kept alive until today.

In 1982, the first Twilight Ritual tracks were recorded and put on a special tape 'The Ritual'. Half of the tracks on this tape were recorded in a small professional studio, and finished off in Micrart's studio's Attne C and D. The band als prepared for special concerts, using the studio recordings as tape playback. 

They met with Bert Van Brande, who made a video of one of the tracks, featuring Lieve Van Steerteghem : ELEGY.  Twilight Ritual itself started experimenting with photography and video which became a large portion of the bands activities later on (see e.g. the Metropolis project for which the Autumn bandname was used, but basically inspired on Twilight Ritual concepts).

One track didn't fit and was later only used in compilation projects : Lifestyle (recovered on the RITUALS CD release).


Twilight Ritual continued evolving and many tracks were recorded in 83 and 84 (only interrupted by the demanding Metropolis project). By that time, they equipped themselves with various tape recorders and managed to develop a technique of bouncing tracks from one tape to another while recording new layers each time. It resulted in a very rich sound, yet clear and powerfull.  

In the same period, all Micrart Group bands were taking part in many compilation projects. One of them was initiated by Javier Marin from Auxilio De Cientos in Granada, Spain. He proposed to release a full length Twilight Ritual album, and the band agreed. The band selected the songs, went searching for cover material and designed a layout. At the same time, the Micrart Group established itself as official publisher for the band.
Rituals was released in 85 and was an immediate success. There were only 1000 copies made, to be sold out within the year. Amazingly enough, up to today Rituals inspires many.

The Factory Scream

During the preparations for the Rituals album release, recording went on and some tracks were recorded in the newly built TOP Studio, where later A Split Second recordings would be made. These tracks were later bundled on the tape 'The Factory Scream'. The tracks show a technical evolution of sound and songwriting. Some tracks are improvised on the spot and required only a stereo master tape to register. 


By the end of 1985, Peter and Geert developed other interests. Given the fact that they could no longer have access to their fully installed studio (studio Attne E was moved partially to the TOP studio), reduced their freedom to experiment at whatever moment for whatever period ot time. Only the TOP studio recordings remain from that era which were put on the last Micrart tape. Geert got a degree in art history, went experimenting with photography and video (see cover work for A Split Second), while Peter involved himself completely in A Split Second. However still working together and keeping in contact, Twilight Ritual as musical band paused in existance for several years to come.


At the end of the A Split Second era, the Micrart Group built the new Micrart Midi Recording Room, ahead of its time in concept. During the same period, Peter (Chrismar Chayell) started the Wasteland project searching for new and better music. Having the Micrart Studio again after so many years enabled Twilight Ritual to start working together again. At first, it was just an experiment to see if Peter and Geert, having led quite different lives since 1985, could regain the momentum that made Twilight Ritual so special. Soon enough, it was clear this was going to work. After all, having worked together for over 10 years before, it wasn't really a surprise. Twilight Ritual relaunched itself smoothly, without any promise for a new release whatsoever. All that remained to be seen...

The road to Organic

The first couple of tracks were recorded in 1991, discovering a new sound for the reborn band. During that year, tracks like 'Receiving The Stigma' and 'Implosion of the Box' were written. One could recognise the old Twilight Ritual in these tracks. By end 1992, the new Twilight Ritual sound fully emerged with tracks like 'My Delay', 'Veneto Sundown' and 'Your Intrigue'. It ignited the belief that this new band is really worth doing. Support for the project came from many sides, including Wasteland.

The band didn't record often. Only a couple of sessions a year were organised. In those sessions, tracks were composed and recorded by Geert and Peter. Peter then took his time to finish up the arrangements and mix to a final version on his own. 

By mid 1994, Peter contacted Jo Bogaert (Technotronic), who just launched a new label, and asked if Twilight Ritual could join. Jo was interested an planned a release. However, later on Jo decided not to go on with the label, and Peter searched for another release candidate. By 1996, a deal with Subtronic records was made and ORGANIC was released in Germany.
At the home front, requests for availability of Organic inspired the band to organise a Multimedia event. They did not want to present the album with a live concert, but with a general presentation of the band concepts. Special music was written to join the Twilight Ritual paintings, computer graphics posters, and slideshow.  

Request for Rituals

ORGANIC boosted renwed interest in Twilight Ritual. Press reviews were unanimously positive and, although Organic was only released in Germany, letters and emails started to arrive from many places. Many requests were made to re-release Rituals, the good old one. Plans were made to release Rituals again with Subtronic, but by that time Subrtonic ceased to exist, returning all initiative back to Micrart Group.
The CD version of RITUALS is mastered and ready for release.

Full Moon and Painted Wall

Since finishing Organic, Twilight Ritual has recorded many other tracks. Also, a renwed interest in ambient music resulted in some atmospheric tracks, one of which is available on the Art For Ears compilation 'Ambient Explorer'.

The CD 'FUll Moon' was compiled out of melodious and soundfull tracks that fit right next to the atmosphere of 'Organic'. At the same time, ambient tracks we written and compiled on the CD 'Painted Wall'.

Nocturnal Transmissions

This event presents the all round artistical activities of Twilight Ritual. Using recent and varied musical material, and new tracks, and combining this with contemporary digital artwork and poetry, a conceptual performance was created.

Located in the fashionalbe 1843 Antwerp Bourla opera theatre, Twilight Ritual performs Live, combining ambient tracks, graphics and poetry, assisted by few guest musicians. Read all about it in the Nocturnal Transmissions subsite.

Rituals Release on CD

Now 20 years later in april 2005, after a long period of preparation and refinements, RITUALS is finally available on CD from Genetic Music and Micrart Group !

WebbMen revived and released on Vynil released a 12" with the original and the Indecs edit of WebbMen, originally written in 1982 and released on The Ritual. A compilation has been released on Itunes as well.

New release "Distant Fires"

Twilight Ritual is back with a superb release "Distant Fires". Released on iTunes (digital release) and Audiolife (for CD hardcopy). A couple of great tracks recordedearlier are released as a 5-track cd "House of Fools".

Awaiting new retro-electro release

Folowing some gigs end of 2006, TWR worked on some new tracks to be released soon in a new retor-electro CD. These tracks will bind more to the original work that the latest releases of TWR. Release date tba.