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Full Moon

Twilight Ritual is by far the most inspired project. Geert Coppens and Peter Bonne have been involved in many different projects, including many different musical styles, about which you can read more on other pages on this site, e.g the Micrart Group story, the Autumn history or within the A Split Second history.

The spirit of Twilight Ritual lingers on beneath the work of Autumn through A Split Second. The work of Twilight Ritual is diverse, yet consise. The Twilight Ritual work in the eighties inspired many other musicians, and became known throughout the world - the original RITUALS album is now a collectors item. RITUALS is now available from Genetic Music.

The return of Twilight Ritual with ORGANIC in 1996 amazed many. However, it was not a prolongation of their former work, but a complete new genre, however still recognisable in sound and spirit. The critics were unanimous enthousiastic.

After ORGANIC, the band continued in the same style with the release of FULL MOON, again a set of beautiful tracks with inspired sounds and melodies. At the same time, Twilight Ritual engaged in a second CD called Painted Wall, in which they focussed on their old love of ambient music.

From this rich and varied material, and using new work, Twilight Ritual designed the concept performance 'Nocturnal Transmissions', from which a CD is made available.

Twilight Ritual continues on creating new materials, reworking old material, live concerts and fine new releases. Geert Coppens has launched his solo projects 'Das Cabinett' and 'Gerardus Le Monk' with 13 CD's up to now.

On this site, you'll find 3 major sub-sites : Organic, Rituals, and Nocturnal Transmissions